Pawan Kalyan's mother donation
Pawan Kalyan's mother donates an amount of Rs. 4 Lakhs as Janasena party fund.Twitter

Telugu actor-politician Pawan Kalyan joined social networking site Facebook lately. Pawan Kalyan, who has been a part of active politics in the Telugu states, is one of the most influential celebrities in South India.

Being a huge influencer, Pawan Kalyan can be seen operating his Twitter to address issues related to the welfare of the people of Andhra Pradesh in particular. It appears like the social media team of the politician has advised him to address the issues on Facebook as it has a greater reach among the internet users.

Pawan Kalyan had surprised his fans and followers by posting that he would be happy to interact with people on the train journey from Vijayawada to Tuni, on November 2nd afternoon on his official Facebook account. Janasena followers seem to be overjoyed with their favourite leader joining the social media platform.

Pawan Kalyan also posted a series of pictures of his mother Anjana Devi visiting Janasena Party office to donate her savings. Anjana Devi had handed over a cheque of Rs 4 lakh to Janasena president Pawan Kalyan. She is seen blessing her son- the party president as he is working hard to help people of the region.

Pawan Kalyan had written praising his mother Anjana Devi for her selflessness in bringing their family and nurturing them with utmost qualities. The fans and followers seem to be surprised with the photos of Pawan Kalyan and his mother posing together. 

In a series of posts on his social media sites, Pawan Kalyan wrote, "My mother gave me a cheque of Rs.4 lakh for our JSP, from my Late father's pension which she keeps receiving. She's a woman who worked hard to keep the family of five kids & lost three of her kids before they even reached their 1st birthday."

"And one of them died,as she delivered in a rickshaw on the way to hospital.. with my eldest brother on her side. All through her life, she never complained about anything," he added.

"This cheque given by my mother reminds me of my responsibility to sort out the long pending demand to abolish 'contributory pension scheme' by Govt employees.

"Explaining Manohargaru how his father Nadendla Bhaskar RaoGaru's decision to extend the retirement age of Govt employees which was earlier reduced by Sri NTR, from 58yrs to 55 yrs in 83-84."

"And His Fathers decision made many Govt employees pulled them out of their depression & stopped suicides. My father was also one of the benefactor out of that," he wrote.

It appears like Pawan Kalyan has prepared himself with a solid ground on the social media sites for the upcoming general elections. It is expected that Pawan Kalyan-led-Jansena Party will play a significant role in the politics of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2019.

On November 3, a public meeting would be held at the Kathipudi junction followed by a Rachbanda programme on November 4th.

Pawan Kalyan's schedule includes meeting SEZ victims on November 5 and 6 at Peddapuram after which he will attend a public meeting at Pithapuram. The leader will later attend another public meeting at Kakinada on November 9.