Director Lijo Jose Pellissery's Malayalam movie Jallikattu, starring Chemban Vinod Jose, Sabumon Abdusamad and Santhy Balachandran has received positive review and rating from the audience

Jallikattu is an action crime drama, which has been written by R Jayakumar and Hareesh S Thomas Panicker has bankrolled the movie under his banner Friday Film House. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 1.36 hours.

Jallikattu movie story: The film is about a buffalo, which escapes a butcher, runs amok causing destruction to people and their belongings. The entire village takes on the responsibility to hunt down the animal. An old man narrates the tale of how they struggle to tame the buffalo.

Analysis: Lijo Jose Pellissery has chosen a simple story of man versus beast, but he promises a lot of complex layers of narrative, which majorly talks about the savagery of humankind. The director has made the movie engaging and entertaining from the beginning till the end, said the audience.

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Performances: Antony Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose, Sabumon Abdusamad and Santhy Balachandran have delivered decent performances, which are the attractions of Jallikattu. Other supporting artists have done their jobs well in the film, the viewers said.

Jallikattu movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response to the film shared on Twitter. Continue to the audience's reaction:

മഹാബലി @mahabaliii

#onewordreview #Jellikettu: Phenomenal Rating:4/5 Jellikettu is one of best ever drama based thriller released. The film tells the story about a Buffalo and how it been a headache to a village. Climax are so thrilling and had a great msg too. Dop,vfx,direction: 4/5 Actors: 3.5/5

KeralaBoxofficeStats @kboxstats

#Jellikettu is one of its kind. Its Madness!!! Everything is novel about this one-from lighting, DOP and even sounddesign Some camera angles and night shots Its an extremely complex filmmaking too(with too manythings occuring in same shot sometimes!) Watch it keenly! 4.75/5

The Unpaid Critic @UnpaidCritic_

#Jallikattu #Review Visually stunning masterpiece. #LJP clearly uses human emotions and expressions to tell a story in a way that malayalam industry never really used. It shows the diffrnt shades of animal in each of us. Its breath taking and a MUST WATCH ✌ #Jellikettu

South Indian BoxOffice @kerala_tracker

#Jellikettu Review.. The best Indian Movie of 2019 Hats off to #LJP & #Gireesh DOP Nothing more.. Rating 5/5

Cinemabits @Cinemabits1

#Jellikettu Mind blowing --- cinematography soundtrack --- deserves oscar BGM- best Direction ---- only lijo can do this fantastic acting - super getting super +ve reviews best indian movie of 2019

Snehasallapam (SS) @SSTweeps

#Jallikkattu First Half Girish Gangadharan stealer of the show DOP Top notch Level  @Antonypepe4u  - Chemban Vinod - Sabumon Marna mass performance.Background Score  90% First half scenes Night  Caption of the Ship LJP  Waiting for Second Half...!

Vighnesh! @vignesh_sathyan

First Half !!! A #LijoJosePellissery Verithanam

#Jellikettu ️ റ്റയാ൲ @Ottayaan__

#Jellikettu interval Typical lijo jose flick