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Director KS Ravi Kumar's Telugu movie Jai Simha starring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Nayanthara, Natasha Doshi and Hariprriya, has received good reviews and ratings from the audience.

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Jai Simha is an action drama film with a good dose of romance and comedy. M Ratnam wrote the story while C Kalyan bankrolled it under CK Entertainment banner. The movie was given a U/A certificate by censor board and its runtime is 2.45 hours.

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Jai Simha story: The movie is about a guy (Balakrishna) who madly falls for a girl (Nayanthara) but circumstances force her to marry another guy. However, she gets killed and Balakrishna raises her daughter by remaining a bachelor. How he avenges her death forms the rest of the story of the film.

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Analysis: Jai Simha deals with a tried-and-tested revenge saga, which is predictable in parts. It deals with a mature love story and it appeals to all sections of the audience. Some mass dialogues, comedy and emotional sequences keep the film goers engaged and entertained throughout the movie, say the viewers.

Performance: Nandamuri Balakrishna has delivered an electrifying performance. Nayanthara has done justice to her role and her chemistry with Balayya is good. Natasha Doshi and Hariprriya lack much scope but did a decent job. Prakash Raj, Ashutosh Rana, Brahmanandam, Murali Mohan and Jaya Prakash Reddy have also performed well, say the viewers.

Technical: Jai Simha has good production values. Chirantan Bhatt's music, Ram-Lakshman's action, C Ram Prasad's cinematography and M Ratnam's dialogues are attractions on the technical front, say the filmgoers.

Jai Simha
Jai SimhaTwitter

Jai Simha movie review live updates: We bring you some audiences' verdict on the film shared on Twitter and Facebook. Continue to see the viewers' response.

aHf‏ @adhyayam

Regular story packaged with right dose of commercial elements. Above average 1st half with a couple of good sequences (Ammakutti, Pujari Episode) #JaiSimha Poor 2nd half with mediocre flashback. Below Average fare #JaiSimha Love track between Balayya - Nayanatara, Confrontation with villain are poorly written & executed. May end up as another Dictator due to Pongal advantage #JaiSimha

NEWS009 @Enjoymyinfos

#JaiSimha 1st half done, it's mix of comedy, good songs and average fights and little story, main story may reveal as flash back in 2nd half. It's a watchable mass movie till now, #Agnyaathavaasi #Balakrishna #pawankalyan #gang #JrNTR

R a J i V @RajivAluri

#Jaisimha ..Good 1st half and Very avg 2nd half.. Overall a very average movie to watch..Balayya energy levels are good but A very old routine plot makes u feel bored.

PRABHAS ADDICTS ❤️‏ @Guru__Darling

#jaisimha 1st half works well with mass audience . Balayya energy levels in amma kutti song, A length dialogue episode about Pujaris by Balayya and the Interval episode are main Highlights. #chirantanBhatt BGM is excellent

Raaz CM @RcMullapudi

#JaiSimha USA #JaiSimha Frsthalf done with superb interval twistAmmakutti song/brahmmins scene interval are highlights -Good first half #JaiSimha Family emotions played key role in the first half with balayya style dialogues n fights here and there overall Good to watch until now #JaiSimha Second half has family emotions and love story which are handled very well .Overall a film can watch with family for sankranthi not tottaly balayya style action #JaiSimha Climax fight need special@mention v good

The Rohan‏ @Rohan4704

#JaiSimha I can say it's purely balayya show,it has all required elements to be a super hit film. It's filled with fun, emotions, dialogues & action. Overall it's good film to watch for families, regular audiences,feast for balayya fans. My rating:3.25/5 Sankranthi hit bomma.

Vijay @vijaytarak9999

1st half completed Not even a single second was boring #Brahmins scene ,interval bang major highlights Many more massive moments there Idhe range lo 2nd half unte #Blockbuster #JaiSimha Jai #Balayya - #SankranthiSimham

IamAnIndian ‏ @jai53644983

#JaiSimha Good First Half Good Interval Slight lag in second half Heart Touching Climax #NBK never before...

Mahesha™ @Maheshdada83

Watched #Jaisimha EMS in innovative multiplex, marathalli movie is above average Ballaya acting & Energy awesome tat love scenes with second heroin was irritating dialoguesGun lo vundevi Bullets , Balayya lo Vundevi GUTS #JaiBalayya

Vinay Gudapati‏ @gudapativinay

#JaiSimha : Good 1st half (Amma kutti - Dance , Brahmins episode good) Average 2nd half Overall an average movie.

Shiva Shankar Reddy‏ @sankar485

#JaiSimha decent movie. Ammu kutti song lo Balayya iragatesadu..one of the best songs in his carrer. Kumbakonam Bramhins episode, hospital sentiment secnes lo Balayya

Movie Buff @tweetodyamam

#JaiSimha #Balayya grace in #AmmaKutty #Jaibalayya Dance Iragateesadu! 1st Half first 15min and interval twist 15min is superb inbetween it had outdated cliched scenes. #Ammakutty is the saviour.

Coolest man alive @akaarthikeya

Good family entertainer from balayya for this sankranthi.. #JaiSimha has family emotions, comedy and love story which are handled very well by Ravi kumar. Overall a film one can watch with family for sankranthi, not tottaly balayya style action

MB‏ @Keshav4005

Passable first half... Police Station Brahmin scene lo #Balayya dialogues and interval action block kummindi followed by a twist #BalayyaMass

Jaffanandalahari @SasibabuT

Good first half #JaiSimha Interesting story .. interval twist and fight .. amma kutti song are highlights .. wig and oka 20 mins lag are drawbacks