Pawan Kalyan's much-awaited Agnyaathavaasi has opened to mixed reviews. The Telugu film released on Wednesday, January 10 surrounded by a massive hype. 

The audience, who have already watched the film, praised Pawan Kalyan's screen presence and acting, while the screenplay has come under the attack.

Agnyaathavaasi has a revenge theme with a good dose of comedy although the film is made on a tried-and-tested template. The intense pre-interval action block remains one of the main attractions in the Telugu flick.

Pawan Kalyan's acting and body language are perfect. Keerthy Suresh and Anu Emmanuel have also been appreciated for their decent performances. 

However, the viewers are of the opinion that the story goes downhill post interval and lack of interesting scenes has come under criticism. Many have tweeted that by far Agnyaathavaasi is Trivikram Srinivas' poor work backed by a weak storyline and the director leaves Pawan Kalyan fans in exile.

The unhappy fans have pointed out the negative things in the film and below we are listing them out:

Siddhu Manchikanti‏ @TravelwithSid

Commercial Hit :No,Sankranthi should Save Recommended : A big NO
 Did I enjoy watching : Only Kalyan's Screen presence as a fan
Boring : 85%
Break even : IMPOSSIBLE
 Verdict : PK's contagious disease of 'Take audience for granted' shifted to Trivikram now

Sushanth Nallapareddy ‏ @sushanthreddy

By far the most uninteresting, boring and flat film trivikram has ever made. Far more weaker than his weakest. Apart for two or three scenes #Agnyaathavaasi is huge disappointment. What a waste.

Nani‏ @YursNani

Trivi had a blockbuster story line. He messed up big time with screenplay and narration. These directors need to stop taking big heroes for granted. #Agnyaathavaasi

Ajay Shanmugam ‏ @Ajayshan_sab

#Agnyaathavaasi Absolute waste of time.
What a mess, a hero having this kind of craze & mass fan base.
 Dear director atleast try to satisfy them. If not don't direct mass heros. Pure shit, aliens fights, mokka comedy, artificial sentiments ship sinked.
Horrible film.

Rohit Venkatraman‏ @RohitvNiranjan

#Agnyaathavaasi audiences in exile after the show , A disappointing show from #Trivikram . Except a better script from #Guruji for #NTR 's next film.

Gayathri! ‏ @Gaya3Nagavali

I will take a bullet for Pawan Kalyan.. But, I will never watch this movie again in my life.. 2018 is ruined.. #Agnyaathavaasi


Trivikram's weakest work. Forced comedy, annoying love tracks, half-baked emotions and a very boring story. PK- khushbu scenes inkonni pedithe bagundedhi. Had high expectations for the combo and was disappointed. #agnyaathavaasi

Lakshmi Kanth‏ @kanthhere

Nijangane trivikram tesada movie ?
 Oka noted dailgue ledu,
 Oka comedy scene pelaledu,
 Oka emotional scene ledu,
 Totally disappoint as a trivikram fan.
 Worst work of trivikram carrier .
Hope he will be bounce back with his next movie

Muhammad Adhil‏ @urstrulyadhil

#Agnyaathavaasi Not just Trivikram's worst, one of the worst ever.A poor storyline etched with non sense scenes and utterly written http://characters.Save for a decent 20 mins post interval a complete torture.
 #Agnyaathavaasi is a total disappointment..Neither Pawan Kalyan or Trivikram can save us.. Anirudh BGM is good..Songs picturization and placement is terrible.. Flat film and nothing to offer..Nachaledanteyy and No Plan B!!!

I'm PuneethBharadvaz‏ @prenspuneeth

Dialogues were good asusual and will surely grow on you with repeat viewing as all Trivikram movies do but this is definitely Trivikram's weakest work with respect to Dialouges-Direction as well. #Agnyaathavaasi

Haricharan Pudipeddi @pudiharicharan

Despite treading a tried-and-tested path, #Agnyaathavaasi falls flat like a deck of cards. When will Trivikram realize it takes more than just good, powerful dialogues to make a story work? #PawanKalyan does his best but his performance doesn't save the film from going downhill.