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Young Telugu actor Kartikeya Gummakonda shared a video on Twitter to deny the negative influence of his movie RX 100 on two teenage boys, who committed suicide by self-immolation in Jagityal.

The two teenagers, studying in the same school, were reportedly in love with two girls, who were students of another school. The duo purchased the petrol from a bunk and went to town outskirts. They reportedly consumed beer, before setting themselves ablaze using petrol.

It was speculated that they were influenced by the movie RX 100, which had a negative effect on the two boys and led them to take the extreme step. Kartikeya, who has played the hero in the film, was very upset with the reports and he took to Twitter on October 2 to clear air surrounding the flick.

Kartikeya tweeted a video message and captioned it, "We are artists not terrorists. Lets make sure these situations will not be repeated again keeping an eye on younger generation not to have negative influence of anything."

In the video, Kartikeya says, "Recently, two boys committed suicide in Jagityal. There was a speculation that hero commits suicide in the song Pillaa Raa from RX 100 and they were influenced by it. The movie has been blamed for their suicide. But the fact is that the hero will not commit suicide in the song Pillaa Raa. In fact, viewers in both the Telugu states have enjoyed it, by singing and dancing to its tunes."

Kartikeya adds, "Nowhere in the film, the hero does not commits suicide, rather a character named Indhu kills him. I am not trying to cover of the issue. In any film, there will be various character and the movie is intended to entertain you. No artiste or filmmaker will tell you to commit suicide or take negative influence from his film."

However, RX 100 is a romance drama written and directed by Ajay Bhupathi. Kartikeya Gummakonda and Payal Rajput have played the lead roles in the film, while Rao Ramesh and Ramki essay crucial roles. Made on a shoe-string budget, the movie collected Rs 27.40 crore gross at the worldwide box office. It has become a blockbuster success.