Karthikeya in RX 100
Karthikeya in RX 100Twitter

Director Ajay Bhupathi's Telugu movie RX 100 starring Karthikeya, Payal Rajput, Rao Ramesh, and Ramki has received positive reviews and good ratings from the audience.

RX 100 is a romantic action entertainer, which has been written and directed by Ajay Bhupathi. Ashok Reddy Gummakonda has produced the movie, which has received an A certificate from the censor board. The film has a runtime of 2 hours and 23 minutes.

RX 100 movie story: Set in in a village of Godavari, the movie is about a middle class named Shiva (Karthikeya), who falls in love with a rich girl Indhu (Payal Rajput). Love blossoms between the couple and they decided to take their relationship to the next level. The twist in the tales is that an incident separates the two. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Karthikeya has brilliant performance and he has proved his mettle in acting. Payal Rajput fills glamour slot and her chemistry with the hero is good. Rao Ramesh and Ramki have key roles and done superb acting. Their performance are among the big highlights of RX 100, say the viewers.

Technical: RX 100 has brilliant production values amazing village setups are the big attractions on the technical front. Background score, songs, picturisation and superb choreography of action scenes are other attractions, add the viewers.

Karthikeya and Payal Rajput in RX 100
Karthikeya and Payal Rajput in RX 100Twitter

RX 100 movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the audience response.

Sudheer Varma @sudheerkvarma

#RX100 is Raw and real... go watch it guys.. terrific work from all the technicians and artists.. @DirAjayBhupathi & @ActorKartikeya u both are outstanding and no need to say about #RaoRamesh garu u are good as always

Karthik‏ @HeIsKARTHIK

#RX100 -- (2/5) Fails to Impress..! 1st half runs in canning Raw n Bold romantic seq. 2nd half turns, too dragged in SCREENPLAY. At last, there's a good TWIST, but at that time u loose all patience. In all, Except the Intense-Bold Romantic episodes everything LACKS in Novelty.

Suresh Kondi‏ @V6_Suresh

#RX100 is a bold and intense love story told in a realistic way.last 30 min are highlight of the film..@ActorKartikeya did a terrific job so is @starlingpayal.One Shoud have guts to play #Indhu character.Congrats #Ravinder garu & @AshokGummakonda garu and team.

Suryachandra‏ @suryazoomzone

#RX100 review Director completely justified his tag line An incredible love story Plus points Twist Chemistry Music Narration Leadpair acting Ramki and raoramesh gari acting Letdown Editing Movie can be edited more than 15mins Rating : 3.25/5

Hemanth Kumar C R‏ @crhemanth

Saw #Rx100 last night...have a lot to say about it and how it tricks you into sympathising with the subject...but, for now, let me just say - all those 'bold' scenes that created so much hype.....the film isn't about that, if that is what you're hoping for. More later

Sai srujan‏ @sai_pelluri

Decent First Half #Rx100 Waiting for much awaited and talked Second half #RX100Review #RX100OnJuly12th Outstanding Second Half Takes #Rx100 to next level.. Some Brilliant Performances by lead and supporting actors Strictly for Movie Lovers, Regular Audience Stay Away #RX100Movie #RX100REVIEW

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#Rx100: "Hate Story" with a twist. Reportedly "reflection" of a real life character called Shiva, this drama about a woman who desires a man may work for its target audiences with all the "bold scenes" but it is too shallow. Payal Rajput does quite a good job.

Honest fellow‏ @ksairevanth

#RX100 definitely bold and a raw film...Arjun Reddy ki okka similarity ledhu it's a completely different movie...2nd half motham highlight songs cinematography #pillara❤


1st half completed #Rx100 Mass youth ki full stuff scenes 5 Songs bagunnay #Pillara ayite excellent Heroine hero scenes Excellent 2nd half Unexpected scenes untay This movie related to some bitches in present generation. Oka abbayi prananga premiste ela untadi ani oka example idi. Nakaite superb ga nachindi. #Rx100 3.12345/5

Jack-jack‏ @surya123jvss

#RX100 karthikeya next star material #RX100>>> #arjun reddy #RX100 2nd half next level asalu asalu don't compare it with #arjunreddy !but #RX100 is realistic and based on true events!vulgarity emundadu film lo oka raw and bold attempt! Mainly lead actors iragadeesaru!karthikeya next mass hero

MS Krishna Prateek‏ @mskp_29

#RX100 - High mileage with low pickup in narration but still worth-a-ride! RX100 అంటే అందరికీ మోజే! AN INCREDIBLE (LOV)TRUE STORY.RGV shishyudante Addaala laa theestaadaa RGV laane theesthaadu. @DirAjayBhupathi

KarthiK -- Chitti Babu‏ @karthik0578

#RX100 1st half cmpltd theatre mottham raccha racche #Pillaraaa song response peaks anthe comedy love romance totally 1st half bagundhi

AhiTeja Bellamkonda‏ @ahiteja666

Watched #RX100!! Okay first half and Interesting/Realastic second half makes this Incredible love story worth watching Teriffic openings especially in B&C centres Congratulations to Producer and Buyers✔️

CinemaPichhi‏ @CinemaPichhi

#RX100 - Strictly average movie with enough ingredients to woo youth audience Excellent last 30 mins, Very bold scenes between lead pair and hero's characterisation in second half are the highlights which will connect to mass and youth audience

Dhruv Sekhar @directordhruv

Passionate attempt gone wrong with immature narration... Though the movie is interlaced with hot romantic touch, slow paced execution spoiled the whole mood of the film... But the hero has done a fabulous job and he has bright future.. Director's ateempt is appreciable... #RX100

BVM‏ @BVM16713533

#Karthikeya done excellent acting #RX100 ... He is Future star... Second half, Climax peaks asalu... Future undhi... Climax highlight movie ki... Karthikeya ki manchi future undhi... Inspired by Real story... Songs , cinematography are plus points... #Rx100 ... Blockbuster...

Sharat‏ @sherry1111111

#RX100 Second half Last 45 min is good. Lead pair did well. First half is very slow.

Rakshith‏ @RakshithChou_PR

#RX100 review : PremierShow!! 1stHalf- Superb 2nd Half - Good Noticeable performance's From The Lead Actor's!! Big Asset @chaitanmusic!Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#RX100 Movie Review - Good in Parts Lead pair Performs Well , Climax Twist, Songs , Realistic Setup , Romantic Scenes Old Story , 1st half could have been better, Flat Narration , Drags.... Overhyped ... Strictly One Time Watch Without Expectations - 2.75/5 #RX100OnJuly12th.

Surya bhai‏ @surendra_Bza

1st half lo flash back ep & 2nd half last 30mins twist bagundi chudachu..real story anta ga vade life papam pilla raa song baga hit ainde theatre lo response #Rx100

‏ @IamPavanKalyan_

#RX100 : is a bold and intense love story told in a realistic way.last 30 min are highlight of the film..@ActorKartikeya did a terrific job so is @starlingpayal.One Shoud have guts to play #Indhu character.Congrats Team ! This Is not Arjun Reddy It's #IndhuReddy

Vijay™️‏ @vijaytarak9999

#RX100 - Excellent film Decent 1st half Terrific 2nd half Mind blown with twist in 2nd half and hero acting in climax Must watch INCREDIBLE LOVE STORY Congrats @DirAjayBhupathi , @ActorKartikeya and @starlingpayal 2018 #cult movie #TFI is shining

Sashii‏ @thelifeofsashii

#RX100 is realistic, intense , arrogant and hard hitting Film . will be a solid BLOCKBUSTER at BO .

JafarKhanCR7‏ @JafarKhanCR7

Awesome acting beautiful @starlingpayal good attempt.. But why you cheat such a true lover like shiva @ActorKartikeya ..It's paining to all the audience today FDFS.... Finally congrats Shiva & indhu #RX100 unique concept.

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