Salman Khan has never tried to hide his love life be it from his fans or the media. His most talked about relationships in the past were with Aishwarya Rai, Sangeeta Bijlani and Katrina Kaif. After breaking up with Katrina, Salman was often spotted with Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur. And the question of Salman getting married has never died down and continues to linger around him.

And while Salman has always maintained that he will get married whenever he will find the right girl for him, his rumoured girlfriend Iulia Vantur was asked if she is interested in marrying the superstar.

Iulia had been in the news for her closeness with Salman. Recently, when Iulia had gone live on social media to interact with her fans, Salman had appeared in the video which sparked speculations of their relationship moving on the next level.

Iulia Vantur, Salman Khan
Iulia Vantur, Salman KhanVarinder Chawla

People had started asking questions to her when she will get married to Salman. And finally, the Romanian beauty has answered the million dollar question during her recent media interaction.

"Oh God! You know, it's more about how people feel about each other. Spending time together is more important than any other thing," Iulia Vantur told Bollywood Hungama when she was asked about her marriage to Salman.

She further added, "Even my parents were asking me this, 'When are you getting married?' So, I said, 'Do you want me to be happy or you just want me to get married? Because, to get married just like that, I can get married tomorrow with someone. So, that was the last time she has ever asked about marriage.'"

All praise for Salman

Salman Khan, Iulia Vantur
Iulia Vantur goes to Maldives with Salman Khan and his familyFacebook/ Twitter

Durnig the interview, Iulia couldn't stop gushing about Salman and how it is a pleasure to be on his side in these tough times.

"He is so unique. I mean all of us are unique but, his personality is so special. I was always wondering, why people love him so much! It's his heart and generosity. He just wants to help. I think that's why people connect with him and love him so much."

On Salman making a guest appearance during her live video chat

When Iulia was asked about Salman photo-bombing her live video chat, she replied, "I was doing an interview on a TV show in Romania and he surprised me. He knew that I was going do it and he prepared the set up for me to have a good light and I was like 'why are you doing that?'"

She continued, "Suddenly Salman came out of the background and surprised me. He wanted to say hello to everyone and it was just that I was very surprised because I did not expect him to do that and that is why I was a little bit shocked."