One cannot resist the fact that ghosts do exist in our world. People have quite often spoken about their ghostly encounters and the unknown presence around them. Even Bollywood stars have often narrated their ghostly experiences and paranormal activity which have sent shivers down their spines.


One such incident took place with veteran actor Govinda who is well known for his outstanding comic and versatile roles. The actor was among one of the leading sensations of his era and gave quite a number of hits to the Indian cinema.

However, once the actor got into big trouble when he witnessed a paranormal activity that scared the hell out of him. 

When Govinda saw the ghost of an old lady, sitting on his chest!

Since hilly areas are commonly quite infamous for their spooky incidents and ghostly experiences,
Govinda claimed that while shooting for one of his films at a hill station, he had a chilling encounter which freaked him out.


Actually, according to the 56-year-old actor, after a long day of shooting, Govinda wanted to get some rest, and as soon as he fell asleep in his hotel room, a paranormal incident that happened after next gave a major scare.

"Once I was shooting in a hilly area and the hotel I was staying in was pretty strange. In the middle of the night I woke up and realized that there was an old woman sitting on my chest," the veteran actor revealed. 

I got so scared that I ran for my life: Govinda

He further added, "I frantically got up and put on the bedside night lamp. And the moment lights turned on, the old lady vanished. I looked around and realized that all my stuff was kept neatly while when I had slept my stuff was all over the place."


The incident took a big toll on him, and Govinda revealed that he ran for his life and didn't stop until he reached Mumbai.

"I got so scared that I ran for my life that night and only stopped when I had reached Mumbai. Whenever I recall that incidence, I get goose-bumps," he added.