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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has stirred up a controversy on Twitter after a scene from his Facebook documentary shows him kissing his 11-year-old son on the lips. Several social media users have described it as "weird and uncomfortable," but several others supported him.

The Facebook documentary, Tom vs. Time, shows Brady's eldest son Jack or John coming into the room where the American football player is getting a massage. Jack is seen asking Brady's permission to check his fantasy football standings. When Brady asked Jack what will he get in return, the 11-year-old walked over to him and planted a kiss on his lips.

Brady then tells Jack that it "was like a peck," and hearing this the boy comes back to give the player a second kiss on the mouth for a few seconds. Jack then wipes his T-shirt and walks out of the room.

Soon the scene ignited a controversy on Twitter and social media users started a debate whether it is appropriate to kiss your son or not. Several critics slammed the player and said the kiss was "intimate."

"Can we talk about Tom Brady's uncomfortably long kiss with his son or is now not a good time?" Twitter user Brett Bachman said.

"Tom Brady is one of my five favorite people (including family members), but him making his son come back and kiss him on the lips for a longer time because his first lip kiss wasn't long enough is some very very disturbing #content," user Robbie Vogel tweeted.

Check out the Twitter reactions below:

However, several tweeted in support of Tom Brady and said there is nothing wrong in him kissing his son.