James McAvoy
James McAvoy recalls his horrific experienceGetty images

James McAvoy in a recent interview opened up about his physical health and exclaimed how he had a "nearly death experience."

In the interview for Men's Journal, McAvoy gets all candid about his career graph and talks about how a normal routine check-up at the hospital bought to the surface a bigger issue that needed immediate care and for that, he had to stay at the hospital for three months. "It was very scary. A terrifying f***ing thing to go through."

The 40-year old actor who will be hosting Saturday Night Live this week reflects upon the horrific ordeal that he had to go through during those three months. It all began last April when during the check-up the doctor's found a suspicious shadow on the X-ray of his lung. Upon seeing that, they opted to do a biopsy.

The 'Split' actor even joked about the English doctor's response to another of his issue where one of his abdominal muscles appeared to have gone missing after the surgery and how the doctors were like, " Hmm, are you sure it was there before the surgery?"

Although the shadow turned out to be nothing, the operation had caused an infection to him. While, he survived the incident and the infection but, the whole treatment opened up a new perspective for the 'Glass' actor. The 'Split' actor who is a father now has an 8 –year old son, and the whole issue has made him re-evaluate how many five- month film shoots he wants to do.

But he clarified that he is not "slagging off my industry... "I love my job. Love it... But there's got to be more balance."

And by balance, McAvoy means that more British movies, and directing them. He also mentioned that he does not want to "abuse his own or anybody else's time." Working with directors who has a clear sense of what needs to be done. Also, picking up his boy from school is one of his top priority.