James McAvoy
James McAvoy attends The Children's Monologues at Carnegie Hall on November 13, 2017 in New York City.Rob Kim/Getty Images

Everyone might have noticed X-Men actor James McAvoy's 6,000-calorie diet story which has been making around on the internet for the past few days.

As every media outlet mentioned that the Split actor revealed this diet secret in an interview, the actor took the responsibility to clarify on that.

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Taking to Instagram, the 38-year-old British actor said his "I ate 6000 calories a day" claim was meant to be a joke.

Along with a screenshot of an article saying "James McAvoy looks jacked after eating 6,000 calories a day for his new movie 'Glass' ", the actor clarified the ongoing rumours about his diet.

He wrote, "Seeing a lot of articles saying that I ate 6000 calories a day to get bigger and leaner. Just to set the record straight in case anyone decides to give this a go. I have never done this."

"The quote is taken from an interview I did for a movie called "Split", not the one I'm on right now which is called "Glass".

"The interview was done at the beginning of the year and me saying "I ate 6000 calories a day" is inaccurate, was meant as a joke and is being widely used out of context," McAvoy added.

According to the actor, the 'healthier way of tracking intake' is counting macros — macronutrients, aka fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

He later gave a bit of advice on the context, saying: "I'm sure most people would never dream of copying the advice of some article/s on the internet about some actor but I know some would and id be gutted if they laboured under bad advice or worse yet seriously harmed their health. 6000 a day might work well for somebody but I've got zero experience or info on that being the case.

"Guys and girls in the gym and out...this IS NOT how I got the results I got. Please don't copy. Enjoy your workouts or non workouts. Stay healthy and eat well to enjoy if you can! All the very best."