The Islamic State (Isis) has released a new execution video from Afghanistan, where the terror group is fighting to gain ground from the stronghold of the Taliban. 

In the new Isis execution video, purportedly filmed in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, ten men are shown sitting on the ground with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted under them and are then blown up.

The ten men were charged with apostasy, the Isis video claimed.

In true Isis fashion, the execution video is slick and well-edited, showing the Isis militants arriving on horses. 

The characteristic Isis black flags are seen throughout the video, as the militants plant IEDs in the ground. 

The men, some of them apparently aged, are then blindfolded and made to kneel on the explosives, which are then blown up. Isis militants are seen running from the scene moments before the explosives are detonated. 

It is not clear who the men were, though some Twitter posts suggested that they were either from the Taliban or were aiding the group.

Isis had recently beheaded several Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, which it claims as 'Khorasan', as the two terror groups fight to wrest control from each other in the strife-torn nation.