Afghanistan Parliament attack
Smoke rises from the site of an attack near the Afghan parliament in Kabul, Afghanistan June 22, 2015. A Taliban suicide bomber and several gunmen attacked the Afghan parliament on Monday, shattering windows and forcing lawmakers to flee.Reuters

The Afghan Taliban beheaded three policemen in the Faryab province of Afghanistan and left their decapitated bodies on the Qaisar-Ghormach highway, which were found on Wednesday. 

The policemen, who worked with the highway police in Afghanistan's restive northern region had been abducted by the Taliban a few days ago while they were reportedly on their way home for holidays, according to the Khaama Press

District administrative chief for Qaisar, Abdul Jamil Sediqi, confirmed that the decapitated bodies were found on Wednesday on the highway. 

It is not clear why the Taliban abducted the policemen, but the group had reportedly said that the three men would be tried in their Sharia courts, the Khaama Press reported. 

The Taliban seems to have picked a leaf out of the book of the Islamic State's atrocities, as the Isis are known to carry out frequent beheadings. 

But while the Taliban seems to have emulated Isis by carrying out beheadings, it considers the group an arch rival, as the latter have been making fast inroads into the country.

Taliban and Isis supporters have frequently clashed in Afghanistan, resulting in several casualties on both sides.

Last month, Isis fighters beheaded ten Taliban fighters in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.

Several Taliban fighters have also reportedly defected to the Islamic state, pledging allegiance to Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.