An ISIS flag in Kobane
Representational Image.Reuters

ISIS militants have detained 170 Iraqi men from two villages after it launched a hunt for those who burned the characteristic black flag of the terror group, which has established a caliphate.

Two ISIS flags were reportedly burned in Iraq's Kirkuk province, following which the militants seized about 170 men from the villages of Al-Shajara and Gharib on Friday, intelligence officers told AFP.

When women pleaded with the militants to set the men free, they said they will only punish those who are guilty of burning the flags. The militants were reportedly looking out for the 15 people, responsible for the act in Gharib, but rounded up 90 men from the village.

"Members of the (ISIS) organisation who were driving around 30 vehicles took the kidnapped (people) to the center of Hawijah," the officer said.

The ISIS militants have built a court and a prison in Hawijah, and have often resorted to mass detentions, holding those who resist or rebel against them.

The terror group is known for its ruthless punishment to non-followers, which includes beheadings, chopping limbs off and even crucifixion.