Ahead of Eid al-Fitr, the Islamic State (Isis) terrorists have released a brutal execution video, in which it has used a child fighter for beheading a Syrian army captain in Palmyra.

The Isis beheading video, viewed by the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), shows an army captain loyal to President Bashar al-Assad being executed in Palmyra.

In the video, Isis fighters claim that the senior army officer was captured near Hir Palace, located in the western countryside of Homs, according to SOHR. He reportedly had fled with his soldiers from Palmyra. 

Before the beheading the Syrian soldier, the Isis cub fighter declared that the goal of the caliphate is not only to capture Palmyra, Homs or Damascus, but to take over Jerusalem and Rome as well.

The video ends with the Isis child soldier decapitating the Syrian army captain and putting the head over his lifeless body.

The SOHR observed that this is the first time that Isis has used a child for beheading. In the first week of July, Isis had released an execution video, in which the militant group had used teenagers for executing 25 Syrian soldiers by shooting them in the head at Palmyra's ancient Roman amphitheatre.

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