Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made his first public appearance in Mosul
Islamic State (ISIS) group are looking for a new oil refinery manager on a salary of $225,000 a year.YouTube screenshot

Islamic State (ISIS) militants raised quite a few eye eyebrows on Sunday when they advertised for a job offer within the oil industry.

Several media reports claim that the dreaded jihadist group is struggling to look after the oil fields they captured in both Iraq and Syria. They are therefore, looking for a new manager for the oil refineries and are ready to pay a hefty salary of $225,000 a year – an instance that might trigger another round of debate on the source of income for the Sunni hardliner group.

This comes just days after it was officially confirmed that ISIS is one of the richest militant groups to have ever existed.

According to the new job vacancy announcement, the successful applicant will be working under severe circumstances in one of the 12 oilfields in Iraq and Syria that the militants have captured. The extremist group has been using black market agents to advertise for the position, which is one of the least attractive job offers in the oil industry, the Iraqi News notes.

The militants have triggered a global frenzy because of their brutal crimes such as beheading, mass killing and rapes. Having declared much of the area between Northern Iraq and Syria as Caliphate under the leadership of Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi, the jihadist prompted a US-led Western war against them that started last month.

The news also comes a day after ISIS gave out guidelines to woman on how to be the "ultimate wife of a jihadi". According to the new rules laid out by the dreaded militant group's media wing "Zora Foundation'', women should never undertake combat roles and can contribute to jihad through "feminine manual labour" such as cooking for and looking after the fighters.