An Iraqi woman
The Islamic State (ISIS) militant group is now distributing via its new media arm, guidelines for woman on how to be the 'ultimately wife of jihad'.Reuters File

The Islamic State (ISIS) militant group is giving out guidelines to women on how to be the 'ultimately wife of jihad'. 

According to the new rules laid out by the dreaded militant group's media wing "Zora Foundation'', women should never undertake combat roles and can contribute to jihad through "feminine manual labour" such as cooking for and looking after fighters, the Independent reported. A video with these details was posted on YouTube. 

The Zora Foundation is the latest ISIS media group operating across social networking sites.

"The video talks about nursing and administering first aid, the cooking and preparation of food, the books of God, sharia science and the preparation of women for their contribution to jihad – essentially getting others to go out there," Charlie Winter, a researcher at counter-extremism think tank the Quilliam Foundation, was quoted by the British daily as saying.

"It is kind of a guideline on how to be a good supporter of jihad and have the best role in supporting 'your mujahidin' as a woman," he added.

The group, which comprises hardliner Sunni extremist militants, regularly releases propaganda showing brutal executions and violent atrocities. On many occasions, they have released guidelines to fighters while issuing threats to the West as the US-led coalition air strikes continue in Syria and Iraq.

But unlike the previous ones, these new rules specifically target women who support the Islamist fighters and give advices on how to be 'good wives of jihad'.

Zora's material, which is written in Arabic, has now been shared by ISIS supporters across social media. The social media accounts of the militant group have already garnered over 2,000 followers after they were established just over two weeks ago, the newspaper said.