ISIS shooting
A screenshot of the Isis propaganda video shows militants pointing guns at the captives in a trench.

The Islamic State (Isis) on Friday released a propaganda video showing mass executions of 50 Shia Muslims in Iraq. The video, which was published on September 22 shows masked Isis militants shooting the blindfolded captives and burying them in a mass grave.

The shocking video, which was released through the terrorists' channels features dozens of people being held captive by the Isis in some area of north Baghdad. The militants can be heard celebrating in the video after they kill the captives, who they labelled as 'kuffar' meaning traitors.

The European Parliament has accused Isis of genocide of Christians and Muslims. The United Nations (UN) has also accepted the nature of killings and said that a 'possible genocide' had taken place in the north of Iraq.

The horrific video shows the Isis militants aiming their guns at the back of the captives and firing directly into the back of their heads as they kneel in the graves dug by the militants. A man in the video can be seen pleading for his life right before he is shot in the head.

At the starting of the video, around 50 captives are seen kneeling blindfolded in a room and the jihadi militants can be seen hitting them with a stick. The video ends with 50 men lying dead, smeared with their blood in a trench meant to be their graves. The militants can also be seen asking for the captives' badges, which could suggest that the Isis jihadists may also have been particularly targeting men from the Iraqi army.