Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu
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What will be the fate of a movie when the lead hero fails to emote the audiences even on one single scene? You will get the answer if you are ready to risk the time watching Pranav Mohanlal's new movie 'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu'.

Even though the actor proved his mettle in action scenes with his flexibility, his performance in other scenes was really pathetic, and it has made many believe that Pranav should attend an acting workshop before signing the next movie.

International Business Times, India, present you the genuine and unbiased review of 'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu'.

An age-old story that shares striking similarities with 90s action flicks

The film's basic plot itself is cliched, and we have seen similar stories an umpteen numbers of times, especially in the action flicks released in the 1990s. After the first watch, I felt that the entire proceedings of the movie shared striking similarities with 'Rudraksham', a Shaji Kailas movie which had Suresh Gopi and Annie in the lead roles.

When it comes to 'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu', we have Pranav Mohanlal playing Appu, the son of a local underworld don in Goa played by Manoj K Jayan. Appu is basically a surfer, and he usually stays away from his father's small-time criminal activities. On one New Year eve, Appu meets Zaya (Zaya David), and it becomes a turning point in their lives. The remaining part of the movie showcases the cat and mouse game faced by the young couple, and most of the sequences were totally predictable.

Pranav fails to impress, Gokul Suresh steals the show in a cameo

Pranav Mohanlal looked cute, and his performance in action scenes was top-class. However, performance in action scenes alone could not save an actor, as he should be capable enough to portray other emotional scenes too.

However, Pranav Mohanlal fails in this area, and he hinted that his career as an actor may be at stake. Interestingly, in one scene, Pranav seemed so involved, and it was his onscreen lip lock moment with Zaya David.

Zaya David's performance was also no different, and the only scene she showed some naturality was the aforementioned sequence in which both of them shared some intimate moments.

The surprise package of the movie is Gokul Suresh. Even though he plays a small cameo in the flick, it literally set the screen on fire.

Gokul Suresh
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Arun Gopi is good as a director, pathetic as a writer

'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu' is a movie with decent production values, but when it comes to its screenplay the film falls flat. Director Arun Gopi has written the screenplay himself, and it lacks the pace which is a pre-requisite for movies which fall on this genre.

However, as a director, Arun Gopi saved his name, and we can expect more good films from the director if he gets nice scripts

Final verdict

'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu' does not deserve a theatre watch, and both Pranav Mohanlal and Arun Gopi are responsible for this fate.