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'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu', the action thriller featuring Pranav Mohanlal in the lead role, hits the theatres today amid huge expectations. The film directed by Arun Gopy has already captured the eyeballs of the audiences and all the credit goes to the fast-paced trailer which was released a few days back.

The official trailer clearly indicated that this film will be loaded with mass scenes, punch dialogues, and spectacular action sequences choreographed by Peter Hein.

It should be noted that 'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu' is the second movie of Pranav Mohanlal as a solo hero and in this early stage, the young man is doing a mass role which no other young stars have dared to do. So, what makes Pranav Mohanlal embrace this movie. Let us check out.

Pranav Mohanlal following the path of Jayan and Suresh Gopi

In Mollywood, Jayan was the first established action hero, and with movies like 'Padayottam', 'Kolilakkam' and 'Karimbana', he captured a million hearts. However, due to his untimely demise following a helicopter crash, Mollywood waited for long years to witness another fully fledged action star.

Then came Suresh Gopi with the movie 'Thalasthanam' in the 90s. During those times, Suresh Gopi emerged as the most top-rated star in Mollywood, and he even charged a remuneration much higher than the Big Ms, Mammootty and Mohanlal.

In the 90s, Mollywood was redefined by Suresh Gopi with his action movies including 'The Commissioner', 'Mafia', 'Yuva Thurki', 'Pathram', and 'Lelam'. However, post-2000, Suresh Gopi's stardom started fading, and it apparently compelled him to pursue a parallel career in politics.

Since the fall of Suresh Gopi, no other Mollywood actors have succeeded in establishing themselves as a complete action hero. Even though actors like Prithviraj and Unni Mukundan did some spectacular action movies, Mollywood audiences did not accept them as a complete action hero.

pranav mohanlal
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But when Aadi was released, Pranav Mohanlal proclaimed that he is a potential candidate to decorate this crown. And now, with the release of 'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu', Pranav Mohanlal has moved a step ahead and made it clear that his aim is to become the new generation action icon of Mollywood.

High in action, weak in voice

When it comes to Jayan and Suresh Gopi, it was their voice and body language that made them special. Jayan had a very manly voice, while Suresh Gopi's voice was perfect to deliver mass dialogues. In the case of Pranav, his voice seems to be a drawback, and many people have recently criticised that he is not capable enough to deliver powerful dialogues on screen.

But Pranav Mohanlal stands a step ahead in physique when compared to Suresh Gopi in his young days. Even though Pranav Mohanlal is lean, he has that extra flexibility to pull out even the most dangerous action scenes.

In a recent talk, Arun Gopy revealed that Pranav Mohanlal had performed some high-voltage action sequences in 'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu', and he even made it clear that all these scenes were shot without a dupe.

So, let us wait to see the rise of a new action star in Mollywood through 'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu'.