Irumbu Thirai
Irumbu Thirai.PR Handout

Vishal's Irumbu Thirai was recieved well at the Tamil Nadu box office. Despite facing a few issues, the Kollywood film has managed to pull good number of audience to theatres in Chennai.

Released in over 300 screens, Irumbu Thirai had managed to garner a positive pre-release talk in the state. The movie's promos and makers' decision to have a 'footage screening,' where the first half was screened for the select media, created a buzz around the flick which translated into collection.

Further, Vishal is returning after the success of his action thriller, Thupparivalan. The viewers were curious to see if the actor/producer Vishal can impress the audience again.

Irumbu Thirai is a movie on data theft and sheds light on data privacy in digital India, also showing how lack of technological knowledge can ruin the lives. It is a new-age action thriller which promises to give an edge-of-the-seat experience to the audience.

The trade experts had predicted Irumbu Thirai to get a good opening considering many factors that influence a movie's success. Unfortunately, the morning shows were cancelled at several places over some financial issues. Also, the evening shows were reportedly cancelled at some places following protest from groups over the Aadhar Card controversy.

It may be recalled that a writ petition was filed against the film over the issue. But the Madras High Court dismissed the plea. "We have said nothing against the government. We only wanted to convey to the audience that Aadhaar is not just another ID card; that it is a master identity system with a person's fingerprint and retina details. If somebody steals the database, people will be in grave danger," Indian Express quoted the director as saying about the incident.

Despite the minor hurdles, the interesting plotline and great production of Irumbu Thirai, coupled with a star cast that enjoys a large fan base, the movie has opened to positive reviews. It is expected to do well at the box office in coming days.