Irumbu Thirai
Irumbu Thirai.PR Handout

In a first of its kind in Kollywood, Vishal had a 'footage screening' of Irumbu Thirai two days ago to the select men from the media where the first half of the flick was shown. The critics, who have seen the movie, have whole-heartedly appreciated the flick, thereby evoking a lot of curiosity in the minds of the viewers.

Cast and Crew:

Vishal will be seen an army man named Kathiravan and Samantha enacts the role of a psychologist, Rathi Devi in Irumbu Thirai, directed by PS Mithran. Arjun Sarja plays the antagonist's character of White Devil. Delhi Ganesh, Robo Shankar, Kaali Venkat and others are in the cast.

Yuvan Shankar Raj has scored the music, Ruben has edited the movie, while George C Williams has handled the cinematography department.


Technology has brought a lot of positive changes into our lives, but at the same time there is negative side to it. Vishal's Irumbu Thirai deals with one such issue. With the rise of internet consumption, there is a massive increase in cyber crime in general and data theft in particular.

Our every single move is being recorded and we often hear about the people's bank accounts being hacked. Irumbu Thirai tries to throw light on the modus operandi of this crime. It is a new-age action thriller which promises to give an edge-of-the-seat experience to the audience.

The movie tries to raise a few important questions like whether the country ready for Digital India.


The movie has opened to positive reviews from the critics. The engaging narration and the brilliant performance from the cast are said to be the highlights of the film. Debutant PS Mithran has stuck gold in his first attempt. 

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

Find it in the viewers' words here:

Ruby: @VishalKOfficial #IrumbuThirai gave me the feel of watching a super good tamil movie after few months.A much needed topic of this time. We truly become the victim of cybercrime in the most unexpected ways & we partially are the reason to it. Impactful story & act by entire team

Rajasekar: #IrumbuThirai - Technically super strong. Slick visuals @george_dop, sharp editing @AntonyLRuben (chopped off all unnecessary songs). @thisisysr 's BGM is the third hero of the film after @VishalKOfficial and @akarjunofficial
#IrumbuThirai -Solid cybercrime action thriller. Easily the best mainstream commercial film in @VishalKOfficial 's career. Good show @Psmithran, commendable effort for a debutant. Brilliant research work& delivered an entertaining commercial without any compromise in quality
#IrumbuThirai 1st half - @Psmithran rightly sets everything, an intelligent cybercrime thriller with a strong emotional connect. Vishal shines, loved Delhi Ganesh's characterization. @thisisysr BGM . For a change, not an usual commercial heroine role for @Samanthaprabhu2

Sidhu: #IrumbuThirai: Easily among @thisisysr's best background score works, almost every cue has a recall value. Great work on the stunts too, loved the subway fight and the basement room duel. @dhilipaction rocks!
#IrumbuThirai: Gotta laud @Psmithran for his extensive research in the field, and also for staying away from usual commercial bore factors. Equal weightage to both Vishal and Arjun, with their mind games progressing until the very end.
#IrumbuThirai: Kick-ass. Brilliantly conceived thriller with @VishalKOfficial and @akarjunofficial striking a solid prota-anta duo. @Psmithran makes an impressive debut as a writer-director. Must watch.
#IrumbuThirai Interval: Going solid so far. Pinning premise of a common man stuck in a cyber theft issue. Starts off well, gets lagged a bit and then picks up heat towards interval. Vishal is clean, but the hero of the film so far is definitely @thisisysr - terrific RR!

Ramesh Bala: Ramesh Bala: #Irumbuthirai [3.5/5] : An Excellent Cyber Crime Thriller.. How innocent people are cheated of their wealth, based on information available in the public domain.. Which they voluntarily give out.. A racy riveting cyber crime thriller..
@VishalKOfficial is a Military officer.. But his part is more of civilian nature.. He is good.. @Samanthaprabhu2 looks pleasing and has a pleasant Doctor role.. Looking forward to the 2nd half

Kaushik LM: #IrumbuThirai - 3.25/5. A sharp, solid tech thriller in the 2nd half with enough mainstream commercial elements in the 1st half. @VishalKOfficial @Psmithran have a winner here. There are thought-provoking bits on how risky the current digital internet era & how vulnerable we are!
#IrumbuThirai 2nd half - Liked the waiting sequence at Richie Street and the subway fight sequence. Superb work by @Psmithran, @thisisysr and @george_dop..
@akarjunofficial is a Siddharth Abimanyu style suave, intelligent villain.. To be continued...
#IrumbuThirai 2nd half - @Psmithran has kept relentless focus on the story with no needless diversions like comedy and songs. Appreciate him for that It's an interesting one upmanship battle between the Major & the 'Digital Don' #WhiteDevil. Raises awareness too.. Do watch!
#IrumbuThirai 1st half - Good crowd response here at Sathyam for the topical dialogs & Robo Shankar's comedy scenes. @thisisysr's BGM for the sentimental scenes and @akarjunofficial's powerful interval block entry is .. The song Mudhal Murai has a different version in the film

Arunvijay ⭐: #IrumbuThirai first half is end . @VishalKOfficial Good attempt for act and @VffVishal production. @Samanthaprabhu2 is cute and clever acting especially #Delhiganesh is awesome language style and emotional acting is superb sir ur biggeie. @iamrobosankar Anna Voices are

PM Shankar: Wow! Watched A best game#IrumbuThirai.This movie is running in my heart when came out from the screens..The half anhour before the interval scene came front of my seat..Its gone in nitrous speed. Best screenplay by @Psmithran
Hatsoff @VishalKOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2

mithunbharathi: #IrumbuThirai leaping in sceeenplay strength so good wid d info and research about data fraud and sale of data and qrcode.... tamil cinemas 1st real cybercrime evolving
#IrumbuThirai straight after d interval is agmark english film... too gud the sequences n making and lots of darknet info and cybercrime screenplay .... tooooo gud ... thriller evolving
#arjunsback in #IrumbuThirai jus b4 interval ... so wat will vishal do now his family event in danger and vishal in complete problem lock

S Abishek: When it comes to maintaining visual hygiene, @george_dop is one of the best currently.
#IrumbuThirai 's tonality is a huge plus to the film. Watching experience is so easy on the eyes.

Surendhar MK: #IrumbuThirai first half: While Robo Shankar brings the roof down with his antics, veteran actor Delhi Ganesh delivers a composed performance and shined as @VishalKOfficial's father. @thisisysr's background score is terrific Ups the ante at crucial junctures.