Naseef Yusuf Izuddin's directorial venture Irul has been released on Netflix on April 02, 2021. With three promising actors on the star cast, expectations surrounding Irul were sky-high, but upon release, the film offers nothing but disappointment. The film stars Fahadh Faasil, Darshana Rajendran, and Soubin Shahir in the lead roles, but none of them rose up to the expectations in Irul. 

Soubin Shahir spoils the show

In Irul, Soubin Shahir plays the role of Alex, a writer who has just published his crime novel featuring a serial killer. As he plans a special dinner with his lawyer girlfriend, things take an unexpected turn when they encounter an unknown man. 

A screengrab from Irul trailerYouTube

The film, throughout its running time, employs a dark tone, but at times, this treatment went over the board. Later, the tricks used by the director to create jump scares become boring, and it failed to impress the audiences in any manner. 

Even though Fahadh Faasil and Darshana Rajendran did a not-so-special but decent job, Soubin Shahir literally failed to impress. With his performance in Irul, Soubin Shahir once again proved that he is not a performer with impeccable acting skills. This is not the first time that Soubin is failing to perform in promising roles. Previously, the actor had failed to impress the audiences in movies like Trance and Android Kunjappan. 

Strong technical side with less content

Irul is a movie with a strong technical side. The frames are good, and the way in which the director has captured the night visuals was brilliant. The music composed by Sreerag Saji played a crucial role in elevating the mood of the movie. 

However, with a wafer-thin storyline inspired by several Hollywood thrillers, Irul lacks its punch, and with the performance of Soubin, the movie becomes a pure letdown. 

Final verdict

If you have that extra time and patience, watch Irul. If you are busy, stay away from this movie which offers nothing but disappointment.