The Islamic State, which is on a spree of destroying historical monuments and buildings, reportedly bombed the Abu Bakr mosque in Iraq, and also desecrated two churches in Mosul. 

Isis claimed that the mosque had a tomb inside and blew it up on Saturday, local media reported. 

"ISIS elements booby-trapped Abu Bakr mosque in Shura district by improvised explosive devices and blew it up under the pretext of the existence of a tomb inside the mosque," a local told Iraqi

Isis considers religious shrines, including Islamic ones, as propagating idol-worship, which it claims is forbidden in Islam, according to this CNN report.

Isis also allegedly removed historical inscriptions from two churches in Mosul. 

Isis "removed historical and heritage inscriptions from the front of Virgin Mary church and the Chaldean church in the Doctors Street in central Mosul," the source told the news site. 

Isis has destroyed numerous churches and monuments in Iraq and Syria, and recently also destroyed the 2000-year-old Baalshamin temple in Palmyra.

Last year, Isis had destroyed a 1,800-year-old Assyrian Christian church in Mosul, and also recently blew up the historical St Mary's church in the city.