anti-India protests in London on Independence Day
File picture.Reuters

In yet another blow to Pakistan's efforts of spreading hate against India, Iranian officials forcibly removed anti-India banners from Pakistan's consulate in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

The anti-India banners on so-called "Kashmir Solidarity day" were removed in the middle of the night on August 15 from the walls of the Pakistani consulate by the local police, a DNA report said on Monday.

Calling such methods as "undiplomatic tactics", Tehran told Islamabad in clear terms that putting such banners against a third country goes against diplomatic norms. A disappointed Pakistan, through a note verbale, had raised the matter with Iran which Tehran termed as unfortunate.

Tehran officials asked Pakistani diplomats how the foreign office in Islamabad will react if Iranian mission in Islamabad was to put up banners against Saudi Arabia and if Pakistan would allow that. Curiously, Pakistan remained adamant and told Iran that the South Asian country's mission was within its right to display the messages. Iran reiterated that its stance on Kashmir has not changed and said that while Pakistan was a brotherly country, India was not an enemy of the state either.

Meanwhile, anti-India protests organised by Pakistani missions in Iran have been raised in Delhi as well, with Iranian Ambassador being handed over a protest note. Before this incident, two anti-India protests were organised by Pakistani missions in Iran without prior permission.

Anti-India Activity

Pakistani missions and diaspora globally have been trying to indulge in anti-India activities in the aftermath of New Delhi's internal decision to remove the special autonomous status for Jammu and Kashmir.

Last week, Pakistani diaspora and Khalistanis had staged a massive protest outside the Indian mission in London and vandalised property.

This was the second major protest by the Pakistani diaspora in London and was announced by Pakistani Foreign Minister S M Qureshi. Global protests also took place outside Indian missions in Washington, South Korea and Germany to internationalise the matter and gain the support of other countries. However, all their efforts have failed.