The coronavirus pandemic has everyone on edge. While people are hoarding up masks, sanitisers, food supplies, and other essentials since it is strongly advised to stay indoors and practice caution, stores, malls and offices are shut during the pandemic. This lockdown has affected Apple Stores too, which were shut everywhere outside of China over coronavirus concerns on March 14. The impact of this decision is not only affecting the sales of iPhones, Macs, Apple Watches among other Apple products, but the service division takes a massive hit.

Apple products in repair on lockdown

Apple's after-sales service is top-notch and one of the reasons why the brand is favoured more among plethora of options out there. But coronavirus has affected that and put a halt on the service and repair of Apple products, including iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches. But if you sent your faulty iDevices to Apple for repair before the stores were closed, you must wait.

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Apple Stores shutREUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn

Apple had initially planned to re-open its stores on March 27, but the growing coronavirus fears has forced the company to extend the date. In fact, there's no date fixed yet and Apple's new guidelines says the stores will remain shut "until further notice."

A short pick-up window

Prior to shutting all stores, Apple wanted to return all devices it had in its stores for repair. For this reason alone, Apple offered its customers a chance to pick up iPhones or other devices that had been left for repairs by keeping the doors open for two days after the lockdown.

Apple Store
Apple Store closed due to coronavirusApple

But the two-day pick-up window didn't seem enough to get all of its customers to collect their devices. Apple even tried reaching out to its customers via email and phone calls. There certainly are people that, for whatever reason, did not pick up their products before we closed and their products are at our stores," Business Insider quoted an Apple spokesperson as saying.

So if your Apple device was given for repair and you didn't pick it, there's no other way to collect it until the stores re-open, which might be days or even weeks given the intensity to the situation that is Covid-19.