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Here are 10 paid iOS apps for iPhone and iPad devices that you can download now for freePixabay

Today's App Store sale has plenty of premium apps that you can get for free. From a voice recorder that'll cheer you up to a finance management app for kids to a search engine for online shoppers, grab your iPhone or iPad and get these iOS apps now while they are still on the sale rack.

Here are 10 paid iOS apps to download for free:

I Am That I Am ($4.99)

Studies have shown that your mind will accept your voice much quicker than that of another person. Record positive affirmations via the I Am That I Am app let it be your ultimate cheerleader.

Get I Am That I Am for iOS from the App Store.

TranslateSafari ($4.99)

Lots of translator apps are available for download on the App Store, but there's only a few that can translate and speak aloud the entire web page on Safari. TranslateSafari can do it for you.

Get TranslateSafari for iOS from the App Store.

Flipagram ($4.99)

Flipagram is a special file sharing app that allows you to create short flicks from your photo library. You can share them directly on Instagram.

Get Flipagram for iOS from the App Store.

7 Minute Workout ($3.99)

The 7 Minute Workout app proves that you don't need hours and hours of training just to burn fats. This app will teach you almost all types of workout in just 7 minutes.

Get 7 Minute Workout for iOS from the App Store.

Bankaroo ($2.99)

What easier way to teach kids to become financially smart than an app? Bankaroo makes it convenient for you to help your kids become money-savvy at an early age.

Get Bankaroo for iOS from the App Store.

Asketch ($2.99)

Asketch is a unique and versatile sketch pad that will save your creativity wherever you go. If you're a beginner, you can do more amazing things with this app.

Get Asketch for iOS from the App Store.

Best Hunting Times Calendar ($1.99)

If you do deer hunting, you can use the Best Hunting Times Calendar app to know when the best time is for hunting and for feeding.

Get Best Hunting Times Calendar for iOS from the App Store.

Illuminating Compound Interest Calculator ($0.99)

Illuminating Compound Interest Calculator makes it easier for you to calculate your compound interest if that isn't so clear. It will also teach you to understand some basic principles about how compound interest works.

Get Illuminating Compound Interest Calculator for iOS from the App Store.

PhotoShare ($0.99)

PhotoShare is a simple photo and video-sharing app between two devices. You can also use it to share your stuff on social media.

Get PhotoShare for iOS from the App Store.

BuyFind ($0.99)

BuyFind takes shopping to another level. It's a search engine built for private online shoppers.

Download BuyFind for iOS from the App Store.

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