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Apple is not even remotely close to announcing its 2017 iPhone flagship, but that doesn't make rumours about the upcoming device any less exciting. New details about the new iPhones are emerging every now and then. So we thought of putting them together based on their credibility.

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Apple is celebrating the tenth year anniversary of iPhones in 2017, making it a special year for the company. From what we've heard so far, the new 2017 iPhones are going to bring changes like never before.

As the tradition goes, Apple will announce the new iPhone series in September. Let's take a look at the sure-shot features that will make the new iPhones extraordinary.

Three iPhone variants

It is widely being reported that Apple will celebrate the tenth year anniversary of iPhone with an additional variant, reportedly being called the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. There will be two regular variants of the iPhone, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, which will succeed the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus respectively with upgraded features and specs. The screen sizes of the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will be same as their predecessors.

Wireless charging

Most Apple rivals such as Samsung have already incorporated the advanced wireless charging technology to its phones. But Apple is yet to follow the suit. It is likely to change this year with the new iPhone 8/X.  However, the standard iPhone models will not get the technology , KGI Securities analyst claims.

New design

The new iPhones, and yes they include the 7S and 7S Plus models, are in for a massive makeover. The Cupertino-based tech titan is likely to ditch the aluminium design for a glass sandwich design, the latest reports confirmed. You may need to be careful with the glass on the back though. But from the way it looks, exercising a little caution while handling the phone will be a small price to pay.

iPhone X and its charisma

The star of the show this September is definitely going to be the iPhone X, and the name has a nice ring to it. Going by the rumours, everything about the iPhone X will be nothing short of spectacular. The new iPhone X will have an OLED wraparound display, dual camera setup and no physical buttons. The Home button is likely to be integrated within the display and the volume and lock controls will be fused in the metal frame with capacitive touch. 

The shocking price

The most recent report on the iPhone 8 has revealed its price, and you either need to start saving up or really plan selling one of your organs (don't do that!). A report from earlier this week claims the high-end iPhone X will set you back at more than $1,000. But if the rumoured specs are true, you will get your money's worth. And we won't be surprised to see a rising demand for the iPhone X – just like the Jet Black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus despite the scratch prone build.