Apple iPhone 7 rumours continue to flow as new leaks reveal details about the upcoming smartphones more frequently than ever. The latest leak of what appears to be an iPhone 7 case shows no opening for a headphone jack, adding to the pile of rumours that suggest Apple would likely ditch the 3.5mm port on its new phone.

The new leak comes from a reliable tipster, @Onleaks on Twitter, who shared images of the alleged iPhone 7's protective case. As seen in the images, there are openings for a rear camera, speakers, power button and volume button. There is a cut out for Lightning connector at the bottom, which could be the source to connect Lightning headphones, or the company might go wireless with Bluetooth headphones.

Several reports in recent months have pointed towards a headphone jack-less iPhone 7, which has also sparked an outcry among its fans. The decision to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack comes as the Cupertino tech giant makes the iPhone 7 slimmer. Hundreds and thousands of Apple fans have protested the move by signing an online petition, while others took to Twitter to show resistance.

Some reports also suggested that Apple might introduce a special adaptor that connects to the Lightning port of the iPhone 7 to support standard EarPods. Even so, it will require an additional piece of hardware just to get the standard headphones to work with an iPhone.

Apple is expected to launch the new iPhones in September, considering it sticks to the regular timetable. There is still ample time and a lot of changes might take place in the months to come. Until then, it is best to avoid jumping into conclusions about how the iPhone 7 series might change people's perception towards iPhones.

There have also been other rumours about the upgrades in the iPhone 7, which could bring a lot of excitement to the smartphone world. Apple might finally be working to make its next iPhones waterproof, increase battery size and storage, improve camera sensors, add wireless charging support and bring a new design.