iPhone 7 rumours have revealed Apple might get rid of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which has not sat too well with thousands of fans. An online petition was started to deter Apple's planned move and it has already received more than 210,000 digital signatures on SumOfUs.org.

The petition, titled "Keep the standard headphone jack in your iPhones!", cites two reports from Fast Company and Forbes, which recently revealed Apple's intentions to ditch the standard 3.5m jack in the iPhone 7. SumOfUs.org, which describes itself as a group of investors, consumers and workers united to hold corporations accountable for their actions, justifies its stand to keep the 3.5mm jack with a strong environmental message.

"Not only will this force iPhone users to dole out additional cash to replace their hi-fi headphones, it will singlehandedly create mountains of electronic waste — that likely won't get recycled. According to the United Nations, up to 90% of the world's electronic waste is illegally traded or dumped each year," the online petition reads.

The petition was started with a goal of 210,000 signatures supporting the cause, but is well past that number now. As of this writing, the petition received 217,058 digital signatures from people all around the world. Apple fans are also sharing their views on Twitter and have started the hashtag #SaveJack.

There is no concrete evidence that Apple is indeed doing away with the standard headphone jack in its iPhone 7. Only rumours citing anonymous industry sources have hinted at such a move. But the constant flow of rumours on the dismissal of 3.5mm headphone jack, which is expected to make the iPhone 7 thinner, has irked several Apple fanboys.

As far as rumours are concerned, if the iPhone 7 comes without the 3.5mm jack, Apple will include Bluetooth earphones that connect wirelessly. A recent report also revealed that the standard Earpods will be able connect to the iPhone 7 with an adaptor that connects to the Lighting port.

Some reports have revealed other details about the iPhone 7: It might get a dual-camera zoom lens feature, larger battery, waterproof body, 256GB storage variant and a new design. If Apple sticks to its regular update cycle, the iPhone 7 will be launched alongside iPhone 7 Plus sometime in September this year.