Loving and funny, heartwarming, and groundbreaking, always relatable and often dysfunctional, for most parts, television families are just like ours! The biggest hit when it comes to TV viewing for households is the dramas and sitcoms focused on families. And fairly so! We all love to see our quirky uncles, perky aunts, and weird siblings and cousins in the characters from these shows.

On the occasion of International Day of Families which is observed on May 15, let's take a look at some of the TV families, from classics like the Simpsons and Arnolds that will take you back to the good old days to the newer families like the Dunphys and Pearsons.

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The Arnolds – The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years has nostalgia baked into its premise and had many of us watch it while growing up back in the 90s when it came to India. And what's interesting is that through this coming-of-age story took place in the Anytown of USA, it is very much universal.

The show gave us many lovable and relatable characters. From Kevin's older sister – Karen, the wannabe hippie, to Winnie, the girl-next-door, to Wayne, Kevin's tormenting old brother, and his lovely parents, these characters taught us wisdom, and what it means to be a good person.

These days when we are cooped up at home and wish to cherish the older and simpler times, we can relieve our 'Wonder Years' and watch this ideal comfort family show which is currently airing in India on Star World.

The Huangs – Fresh Off the Boat

In 2015, Fresh Off the Boat turned the camera on the Huangs, a Taiwanese-American family that moves from D.C to Orlando, and does things that subvert stereotypes about Asian-Americans.

The father Louis, played by Randall Park, runs a steakhouse with meat and potatoes heavy menu. The oldest brother Eddie is an obsessive fan of hip-hop culture. The mother Jessica has high expectations of her kids and almost always has a habit of doing things that aren't legal.

The series shows us what American culture looks like from the perspective of an immigrant family whether they try to embrace it or simply understand it. The show is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Dunphys and Pritchetts – Modern Family

When the show first debuted in 2009, it came with fresh energy because the Dunphy-Prichett-Tucker clans announced itself as something inventive and funny by applying the mockumentary approach used in workplace comedies like The Office to domestic life.

Pritchett's sprawling family has it all – two quirky sons-in-law, all of it makes for endless entertainment. This clan has it all! There's the perfect traditional nuclear family – the Dunphy's, a divorced father-in-law, now remarried to the quirky and vivacious Colombian single mom, a gay couple with an adopted baby.

Beneath the over-the-top zany humor, issues of diversity, sexuality, gender, and adoption provide plenty of opportunities for important real-life lessons from this modern family!

The Simpsons – The Simpsons

The Simpsons have been airing since 1989, making it the longest-running TV show of all time! With over 600 episodes, this is an insanely impressive feat. TV's most beloved dysfunctional cartoon family which began as a simple series of animated shorts gained massive success and cult following over the years.

And what sets the Simpson family apart from the other animated family sitcoms is that the characters actually care about each other. They have a brainiac daughter, Lisa, a troublemaking son, Bart, and a baby girl named Maggie.

The Bluths – Arrested Development

The Bluth family is as dysfunctional as they come. Yet, they are all so charming, hilarious, and extremely awkward!

With an alcoholic mother and a father who's committed treason, it's really no surprise that their children are just as weird and problematic as they are. With so much acid humor, absurdity, this show portrays the misdeeds of the rich and flawed Bluths in a rapid pace.

Starring the award-winning Jason Batemon, along with Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi, and many more, the series can be watched streaming on Netflix.

Arrested Development back for another season
Arrested Development back for another seasonFacebook/ Arrested Development

The Pearsons, This Is Us

This Is Us confirmed that there's no drama like family drama. This groundbreaking show features one beautiful and messy family. The series follows the intricate history of the Pearsons', spanning decades with dual timelines, and offering perspectives of two different generations.

With its tremendously rich characters and unexpected plot twists, the show is known for making viewers get down to sobbing with its deeply emotional family narrative.