Neil Nitin Mukesh, Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif
Neil Nitin Mukesh, Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif

Every year we see our Bollywood award shows giving us some bitter-sweet memories and headlines. While it's normal for celebs to leave their past behind and enjoy the show with their exes, arguments and disagreements on such shows have also become a norm now.

Neil's outburst

It was at one such award show long back which Saif Ali Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were hosting. Shah Rukh asked Neil Nitin Mukesh (sitting in the audience), "Mujhe tumse ek sawaal poochna hai ke tumhara naam hai Neil Nitin Mukesh. Bhaiya surname kahan pe hai?" This had irked Neil, who got up and gave a fitting reply to the Khans. He said, "Can I take this liberty to say something? That is an insult for me, actually, that is an insult I feel. It's not right, you know. I think you haven't seen that my father is sitting out here also. I think it's ridiculous on both of you all to ask a question like this and always bring this up on award shows. I personally find this as an insult and I think you guys need to just shut-up ya."

Katrina's advice to Neil

While Neil's outburst left everyone present in the audience shell-shocked, it was much later that Neil revealed of the entire incident being scripted and pre-planned. Talking about the same, Neil said, ""It was all planned by Shahrukh Sir. I was told by the organizers the Moranis from beforehand that I was supposed to be part of Shahrukh's act. I was supposed to reach early and rehearse for it. But as luck would have it I had gone to town to pick up my parents and got stuck in the traffic. By the time I reached the venue there was only time for a quick briefing on what I had to do. How could I say shut up to Shahrukh Khan? I've never been rude even to my driver. But he insisted. He also told me to throw eggs at him and Saif at the end of the show. I begged and pleaded to spare me. But Shahrukh didn't listen."

Further talking about how Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif were left shocked and even advised him to apologise to SRK at once, Neil said, "Bipasha rushed to me and said if it was an act then it was really scary. Katrina stormed up to me after the show and told me to apologize to SRK, at once."