As most of the new Covid-19 cases registered in Karnataka constitute the returnees from Maharashtra, a major Covid hotspot in the country, the state has mandated strict seven-day institutional quarantine for the Maharashtra returnees in specific.

Maharashtra stamping hands of those in home quarantine
Maharashtra stamping hands of those in home quarantineTwitter

Turning the tables, most of these returnees have but chosen to quit the state's institutional quarantine by choosing a new route map from Maharashtra – via Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Mangaluru to reach the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA).

Much to the shock of the officials, the BBMP has already tracked about 75 of such violators and booked cases against them.

Passengers skip quarantine 

On June 1, the state government declared that passengers from Maharashtra to Karnataka will go into a week of institutional quarantine, followed by home quarantine.

Following this decision, the passenger count from Maharashtra to Bengaluru saw a steep fall.

"We noticed an increase in people flying in from Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Mangaluru. A detailed examination revealed some passengers from Maharashtra are flying into KIA taking a detour through these green zones in order to avoid paid institutional quarantine. They hide the first boarding pass and show the airport authorities only the one for the second leg of their journey," stated an airport official.

This helps the passengers go back home with the stamp for home quarantine.

Most of the Resident Welfare Associations in Bengaluru had called up the BBMP, notifying them on the Maharashtra returnees in the next doors, skipping the mandatory institutional quarantine.

indians returning in Vande Bharat
indians returning in Vande Bharatindian express

Karnataka takes off the institutional quarantine

Meanwhile, the Karnataka government has decided to rule out the seven-day institutional quarantine for the Maharashtra returnees. Instead, it will enforce strict home quarantine for 14 days for them, said state Health Minister B Sriramulu on Tuesday, June 9.

With the help of ASHA workers, home guards, and police, their movements will be tracked, said the Minister. The decision was announced after meeting the deputy commissioners in Udupi.

The Minister also mentioned that the houses of returnees concerned will be sealed down and quarantined; with the deputy commissioners having the complete authority over the management of people coming from other states.