Instagram is a critically-acclaimed social networking platform that allows users to post their photos, videos and now even TikTok-esque short videos. But the Facebook-owned platform is constantly bringing new changes to stay relevant in this fast-paced industry, where users easily move on to alternate options if they find new things elsewhere. In a bid to keep its user base intact, Instagram introduced a new update with some major changes to how users can customise the app.

The Instagram update lets users change Instagram Chat theme from various preloaded options. Users can also change the app icons on Android and iOS to give the Instagram app an instant makeover in your home screen.

Instagram Chat themes

Instagram app
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Instagram users are receiving the new chat theme features, which lets users choose colours for Instagram DMs apart from the boring classic white and night mode. You can customise the way you want by choosing from various themes, including Pride, love or tie-dye. Users can have a different colour scheme for every person.

Besides these themes, there are variations and colour codes to pick a single colour for your contacts. But there's one noteworthy addition, perhaps an issue of annoyance is that every time you change the theme, the other user will receive a notification.

If you're willing to take this feature out for a spin, you can make sure the Instagram app is up to date. When you open the DM section, you will receive a prompt message that will explain about the new update. Users can then open Instagram DM, click on "i" button on the top right corner, scroll down to find "Themes", choose your theme and it's done.

Instagram app icon theme

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Instagram app icons have 13 different iterations now. This update is part of Instagram's 10th birthday and available on version build on Android and version 162.0 on iOS. You can choose from Classic icon, Original, Codename and various colour schemes. To change the app icons, you can follow the steps below:

Make sure you're running the latest version of the Instagram app, go to Profile section, select hamburger menu and go to the Settings section. Now, drag the entire menu section downwards until you begin to see emojis. A confetti pop will reveal a new menu, which will let you access all the different icons.

Besides these new changes, there's also a new "Swipe up to vanish" feature that helps you hide your DMs until you swipe up again to see old messages. This will keep prying eyes at bay.