Instagram is no longer a platform where people share their photos as it has evolved into a major revenue-generating platform. It's one thing to have a massive follower-base on Instagram and another thing to have a verified badge next to your name, but in both cases, it shows how influential you are among millions of users.

The holy grail of social media features, the coveted blue tick by your name on Instagram is not easy to get. According to Instagram, "it's not currently possible to request or purchase a verified badge." But there have been some unconventional methods to get verified on Instagram such as bribing someone working for the Facebook-owned photo-and-video-sharing platform.

But that's not recommended as it could lead to users getting duped, leaving us with some safer methods. Before we get to that, it's important to know that a verified badge on Instagram is not for everyone and it is a symbol of authenticity.

"Accounts representing well-known figures and brands are verified because they have a high likelihood of being impersonated. We want to make sure that people in the Instagram community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow," Instagram says about its coveted blue tick.

Instagram verified badge
Instagram verified badgeScreenshot

In simple words, if you're not popular, you aren't getting that badge.

There's a popular notion that having a lot of followers will guarantee you a blue tick, but it's not entirely true. Yes, it helps if you have plenty of followers, but it could be the case with any popular account. So the goal is to become popular and get a verified badge so your identity is not duplicated by spoof or fan accounts.

It is true there's no way you can request a verified badge from Instagram, but soon it might be possible as the social media giant was spotted testing a new verification process via an official request form. It is not clear if the feature will be rolled out to all users as it was only being tested in Austria on the iOS version of the app.

Some of the popular tips to get a verified badge on Instagram is:

Link your Instagram profile to your official website, Facebook page or Twitter account

Build your followers and engage with them through your Stories and Posts on a regular basis

Using popular hashtags relevant to your niche will help your post get noticed

Create your own hashtag and encourage your followers to use it regularly

Avoid buying followers, instead, use Instagram ads to promote your account and posts to get followers

We're sure there are several other tips one can give you while getting that coveted verified badge on Instagram, but it is important to identify which ones are legit and scam. It is not entirely odd to consider getting a verified badge on Instagram equivalent to the KFC recipe, but it's not impossible to crack.