Jammu and Kashmir MLA Engineer Rashid was attacked by three men on Monday who threw black ink on his face. 

The Hindu Sena, led by Vishnu Gupta, claimed responsibility for the ink attack on the J&K MLA, according to ANI news agency. 

Rashid had been attacked by BJP MLAs in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly earlier this month after he had reportedly hosted a 'beef party' in the MLAs' hostel. 

Rashid had said that he had hosted the beef party to send the message that religious choices could not be subdued. 

Two people were detained following the ink attack. 

Beef had been temporarily banned in the state after the Jammu bench of the state High Court asked the police to enforce a beef ban last month.

However, the Srinagar bench called for the ban to be cancelled.

In the view of these differences, the Supreme Court had suspended the been ban in the state for two months.