An independent MLA was beaten up by the legislators of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly on Thursday a day after he reportedly hosted a 'beef party'.

MLA Engineer Rashid had reportedly hosted the 'beef party' at the MLA's hostel on Wednesday, ANI news agency reported. Among those who beat up Rashid was BJP MLA Ravinder Raina, it reported.

Rashid reportedly said that he had hosted the beef party "just to give them (legislators) a clear message that it hardly makes any difference whether you accept or reject the bill...Nobody on earth, no assembly, no court and no institution can stop us from having what we want to have", according to the Press Trust of India. 

The incident comes even after the Supreme Court suspended the been ban in the state for two months. 

The Jammu bench of the state High Court had asked the police to enforce a beef ban in the state last month. However, the Srinagar bench had asked for the ban to be cancelled.

The beef ban had led to violent protests in Jammu and Kashmir. 

In view of the conflicting orders, the Supreme Court suspended the ban for two months and called for the constitution of a three judge bench to decide on the matter.