Amala Paul's relationship with AL Vijay is a closed chapter now. The former couple has moved on from the separation and found new partners in their lives.

Amala Paul- Vijay sangeet
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Amala-AL Vijay Love Story
Amala Paul and AL Vijay turned friends during the making of Deiva Thirumagal. Their friendship gradually turned into a serious relationship. By the time, they worked together in Thalaivaa, the ex-couple had come to the conclusion that they were made for each other and decided to tie the knot.

Despite belonging to different religions, Amala Paul and AL Vijay convinced their families and sought approval for their wedding. They happily lived together for more than a year, but the issue begun once she decided to act again in films.

Relationship Strains
By the end of 2015, their relationship had strained. This development had taken place without media's attention. However, the hint about the trouble in the marriage officially came out from AL Vijay's father and AL Azhagappan, who lashed out at the actress for failing to keep her promise.

Amala Paul- Vijay wedding
Amala Paul- Vijay weddingFacebook/ Amala Paul

"Initially Amala told us that after wedding, she will not act in films. But within few days, she signed Pasanga 2 with Suriya and now, she is also acting in Vada Chennai. My son is a creator, he shouldn't undergo such torture", said AL Azhagappan in an interview to a TV channel.

AL Azhagappan's Outburst
He added, "It seems Amala's family also told her to stop signing films but she does not listen to anyone. Of course, we aren't aware about what her parents think but our son should lead a peaceful life." Finally, they got divorce in 2017.

Bowing down to the demands of his family members, AL Vijay married a doctor named Mannivakkam, last year. She is the girl chosen by his parents. On the other hand, Amala Paul has fallen in love with a man called Bhavninder Singh.

They have been living together since 2017. Recently, there were rumours of their wedding, but there is no official confirmation on it, yet.