Social media has been abuzz with the rumours of Amala Paul tying the knot with her boyfriend and the pictures of the couple in wedding costume had only given credence to the speculations. It was reported that her beau Bhavninder Singh had shared the pictures on his social media account before removing it for the reasons best known to him.

Amala Paul
Amala Paul's marriage.Social Media Site

Is Amala Paul Really Married?
Now, the latest reports in the media indicate that there is no truth in the wedding rumours which claimed that she is married to Bhavninder Singh. Although they are in love, the couple has not taken the wedding vows and those pictures were from their recent photoshoot. This has only left the fans wondering whether it is just a publicity stunt to garner media attention.

Being in the industry for over a decade now, Amala Paul has stayed away from controversies allthrough her career and maintained dignified silence when she could have cashed in on her divorce issue in the media. She, like her ex-husband AL Vijay, maturely handled the issue.

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Amala Paul with her rumoured boyfriend Bhavninder Singh.PR Handout

A Publicity Stunt?
Then why do an actress of such reputation resort to a publicity gimmick? Some might argue that she knew that it is a harmless piece of news which would neither kills her career prospects nor damage her image. And, the actress could defend herself always over the leaked pics by stating she did not share it at the first place and put the blame on media for its misinterpretation and showing excess interest in her personal life.

So, Amala Paul might have used this as an opportunity to garner publicity, her critics feel. After all, any publicity is good publicity in showbiz.