Infamous criminal S Krishnamurthy alias Rowdy Korangu passed away on Friday, June 19 at a Chittoor hospital due to illness. The 53-year-old had over 50 criminal cases to his name and is the younger brother of sitting Bengaluru MLA. He was known to be suffering from Parkinson's and liver problems.

Rowdy Korangu or S Krishnamurthy was Bengaluru's most-wanted criminal in the 1980s and 1990s. The Chittoor migrant who was residing in Bengaluru was arrested over 30 times in his life. 


Rowdy Korangu dies in Chittoor

S Krishnamurthy, infamously known as Rowdy Korangu died on Friday at a hospital in Chittoor due to an illness. The history-sheeter was 53 at the time of death. Korangu was one of Bengaluru's most-wanted criminals in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Korangu was Subramanyam Naidu's son, a Chittoor migrant who lived in Vyalikaval, Sadashivnagar in Bengaluru. From a young age, Krishnamurthy came to be known as Korangu which means 'monkey' in Tamil because he could scale the high Palace Grounds wall to steal mangoes. His brother is an MLA in Bengaluru

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The name stuck, and in the 1980s Korangu, only 17 then was associated with the underworld don MP Jayaraj. He was detained in an extortion case following which he was associated with the gang that killed criminal Balarama in prison. The Police revealed that Korangu had smuggled in seven knives into the cell inside masala dosas, TOI reported.

In 2017, after Korangu was arrested on charges of the shootout in Kadabagere Seena, and released on bail he moved to Chittoor and started a stone-crushing business. The Police said that the criminal suffered from Parkinson's and liver problems and would plan his crimes in prison.