bellandur lake
Toxic foam over the Bellandur LakeANI

Heavy rains on Monday evening in Bengaluru made the infamous Belandur lake in the South-east part of the city emit toxic foam once again. This time, the froth was up to 10 feet in height

Residents woke up on Tuesday morning to the froth overflowing onto the roads. However, it dissipated when the sun came out. The Varthur Lake also had a similar situation.

The foam managed to spill onto the streets even though a wire mesh was installed for that specific reason.

The toxic foam has caused great inconvenience to the residents near the Bellandur and Varthur Lakes.

Seema, a resident near the Bellandur Lake spoke to The Newsminute. She said, "It has turned into a selfie spot. When the froth comes, journalists call us up in the middle of the night and say we are meeting residents. But the real issue is that there is apathy at other times. The budget earmarked Rs 50 crores for it. What is the plan to save the lake?"

"The National Green Tribunal has postponed hearings from August to October. The lake becomes a point of discussion only when there's a fire or froth coming onto the street. This is very frustrating for residents like us who are trying to follow up on the issue regularly," she added. The lake also catches fire during the summer due to the highly toxic chemicals in the lake.

According to reports, the National Green Tribunal questioned the Karnataka government in their negligence and asked what is planned on doing to curtail the damage to the environment as well as the aquatic life.