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A 25-year-old girl, Swati Suryavanshi, who is pursuing her MBA and working part-time as a marketing executive in a nationalised bank branch was arrested on Thursday evening.

The girl was arrested by the city police crime branch for allegedly tempting a senior official of the same branch into a love trap with the help of another young girl.

Swati, who hails from Betul district, Madhya Pradesh, has been blackmailing the bank official with an unpleasant video through the other girl in order to extort a sum of ₹80 lakh.

The city police of the crime branch, on Wednesday, filed a case of blackmailing, extortion and criminal conspiracy against Swati, the other girl and a male aide who was helping the two girls with the crime. Suryavanshi has been sent into custody under the crime branch till 21 January.

The other girl Priya Agarwal and the male aide S Bhadoria who are involved in the crime are absconding since Suryavanshi's arrest.

Swati, who after the completion of her BCA was studying MBA from an Indore college. The girl had very cleverly lodged Priya in the life of the banker. About three months ago, Swati used Priya to lure the banker into a love trap. She used a hidden camera to shoot an unpleasant video of the banker with Priya at a flat in the Bhawarkuan area. This video was later used by Swati and Priya to blackmail the banker in order to extort money.

The flat in which the video was shot was taken on rent by the banker a few months ago for Swati who was a part-time employee of the bank.

As per Swati's plan, Priya began blackmailing the banker by threatening him that she would expose his deeds in public through the video if he would not give her a sum of ₹80 lakh.

According to The Times Of India, this matter was then reported by the banker to IG Indore Vipin Maheshwari following which the police of the crime branch began investigating the matter and the entire plot was gradually uncovered on Wednesday evening.

The additional SP-Crime Vinay Prakash Paul told that they are probing the possibility of the involvement of other people in the matter as well who have likely helped the MBA student to plot the plan, the daily reported.