As the world sails towards a sustainable future, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country, which is home to 1.4 billion people produces just 4 percent of the overall greenhouse gas emissions. 

Speaking at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, Modi said that India is currently on its course to achieve net-zero targets by 2070. 

Narendra Modi
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He also noted that India has set targets to bring emission intensity down by 45 percent by 2030, along with increasing the share of renewable energy capacity to 50 percent during the same period. 

During his speech, Narendra Modi also proposed that India would host COP33 in 2028.

Modi also expressed his concerns regarding the lack of financing the world is facing to ensure a smooth energy transition. According to the Indian prime minister, the world demands trillions, and not billions to materialize climate goals. 

"We have together recognized that there's a need to take climate finance commitment from billions to several trillions," said Modi. 

Narendra Modi also warned that the world should act immediately to correct the climate mistakes humans committed during the last century. 

He, however, added that the world currently recognizes the need to ensure a sustainable future. 

Meanwhile, while addressing COP28, António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations said that the world should immediately stop the usage of fossil fuels to meet the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. 

According to Guterres, developed countries should provide developing nations with adequate financing to meet climate goals. 

He also added that the world went through an unprecedented climate crisis in 2023, and made it clear that this is the hottest year human history has ever witnessed.