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Indonesian and foreign climbers are seen during walking down from Rinjani Mountainreuters

An Indian woman died after falling from a Ras Al Khaimah mountain in United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Friday. She died due to dehydration after running out of water, said members of a trekking group.

The woman in her 30s was an Indian immigrant and was an engineer by profession. She was part of a group of eight trekkers who ventured out to the Galila Mountain in Jebel Jais area, the fellow trekkers told Gulf News. The group included her husband and two other women trekkers.

Each trekker had carried three to four litres of water and food, including fruits, eggs, bread etc., but their estimate turned out to be wrong. The group had started hiking the mountain during early morning hours and were exposed to the sun for about eight hours.

"We called her and asked her to stay where she was. We got the water and went up again. But we couldn't find her. First, we found her phone on the ground... around 10 metres away we saw her bag and... then we saw her lying unconscious some 50 metres away," the member continued while recalling the incident.

There were no visible external injuries or bleeding apart from some bruises on her back and thighs, said a group member, the woman was still breathing.

"She was still breathing. We called the ambulance and the police immediately. But it took about 45 minutes for them to reach the place. They tried to revive her, but they couldn't. So they called in the helicopter for airlifting her. By the time she was taken inside the helicopter, she had stopped breathing," he said. The victim was declared brought dead on arrival at a hospital.

"We saw water pipes going up. But we couldn't see taps. It would have been good if there was any provision for drinking water along the trail which is marked by the authorities," said the group member.