Under Arrest
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Pakistan had reportedly arrested an Indian from the Punjab province for allegedly spying, a crime which is punishable by death in the country. However, his family has said that he cannot possibly be a spy as he is married twice, a class V dropout and rumoured to be possessed by evil spirits.

The man, identified as Raj Laxman or Raju, was taken to an undisclosed location for further questioning. He was arrested from Dera Ghazi Khan on July 29 for allegedly spying at a nuclear facility.

It was initially believed that he was from Indore and a special team of the Madhya Pradesh Police was sent to trace his roots. They finally found his family in Indhawadi village, about 200 km from Bhopal.

His parents told the police that he was married twice, a class V dropout and is rumoured to be possessed by evil spirits.

Raju's brother Dilip told The Times of India that he always talks gibberish and was taken to exorcists over the past six years but they failed to find a cure.

Dilip went on to explain that Raju went missing two weeks back and since it was a common occurrence, they did not file a missing person complaint. However, he is at a loss on how Raju ended up in Pakistan.

To show proof that Raju is Indian, the Pakistan officials had posted an image of his underwear which had the 'Made in India' tag. Reports state that a lighter, tobacco, Rs 15 in coins, Rs 1,100 in cash, a newspaper cutting and two blades were also seized.