Meet the Roy sisters. At first glimpse, Puja & Pratima Roy come across as any Indian girl in their age group would usually be --- an oversized sweatshirt, long black locks, a nose pin or a dot on the forehead. Except for the fact, that while one of them is working on, "Converting Java Applets to JavaScript for web-based Aeronautics Simulations," the other one is learning about, "Artificial Intelligence, Biomimicry and AWS Web Services."

Nasa building new rover for Mars 2020 mission
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For those still figuring that out, the two sisters are currently interning at NASA Glenn Research Center and if the introduction made by Kathy Lueders (leading the NASA's human spaceflight program ) in a tweet is anything to go by, the two girls are going to make India really proud one day.

Pratima Roy

Image courtesy --Twitter@KathyLueders

Pratima Roy bridges the stereotypically perceived gap between science and faith. "I truly believe that God and the support of my family has given me the opportunity to intern at NASA. God observes everything we do and what we want in our lives and a dream can actually come true," she says in an interview documented as a part of the internal initiative 'Interstellar Experiences of NASA Interns'.

Currently a Computer Engineering Student studying at CUNY New York City College of Technology, she is working on the PeTal project at NASA Glenn Research Center. Her project ties into the Moon to Mars mission because she is learning about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biomimicry and AWS Web Services.

"Our work can tie into this by having Robots or tasks completed at Moon to gather data and labelling. I know that when the Astronauts go to the Moon, they will need many data collection and research from Moon to Earth," she shares on the NASA blogpost.

Puja Roy

Puja Roy, the intern at NASA Glenn Research Center, is a sophomore at New York City College of Technology and majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. She's been interning remotely at NASA since Fall 2020. She is working on a STEM project that ties into the Moon to Mars mission and the Artemis program because, "it is an extensively popular site that receives high traffic views and consists of lesson plans, projects and interactive simulations to explore the theory and practice of flight in space."

Puja roy
Image courtesy -- Twitter@KathyLueders

How netizens perceived the feat

Majority of those received the news, the way it should have been. An Indian making the nation proud, making a mark out there in the world. Some pointed out what made the achievement all the more praiseworthy is the fact that it's Indian girls. Others hoped that their success at least partially dents the socio cultural inclination towards a male heir. There was also no dearth of those regretting brain drain.


Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut tweets about them and gets trolled

Kangana Ranaut has always had a strong and a solid affair with news, trolls and controversies. So much so that many couldn't be blamed for reading between the lines even in a simple tweet appreciating the achievements of others. She said she is, "proud of her bindi wearing sisters at NASA, while further sharing their pictures."