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An Indian-origin police officer in Singapore found herself in hot water after she was charged with forging a statement of a molestation victim on Tuesday.

Senior staff sergeant Kalaivani Kalimuthu, 38, was charged for giving false information and has been sentenced to five months in jail.

She was part of the Violence Against Person squad during the time of the incident.

In March 2016, Kalimuthu was handling a case of a woman who alleged that she was molested by a person who had also tried to rape her. However, the victim's name was not in the court documents and hence could not interview her, reports Times of India. Since Kalimuthu wanted to proceed with and finish the investigation soon, she forged the victim's statement.

The TOI report also adds that Kalimuthu added details which the woman never gave including that the woman touched her molester and she did not mind being touched by him. Kalimuthu then forged the victim's signature by tracing it from previous documents and filed it with her officer-in-charge.

She told her supervisor that no further action is to be taken and that the woman was let go with a warning.

The incident came to light when the case was reassigned to another police officer in 2017 to interview the woman and the false statement was discovered.

The public prosecutor asked the court for a jail sentence of five to six months.

"The accused's offence has also harmed the public interest and has the potential to undermine public confidence in law enforcement agencies and the proper administration of criminal justice," a report filed by the Deputy Public Prosecutor Stephanie Chew read.