Indian Matchmaking is now streaming on Netflix

The social media has been taken by storm with Indian Matchmaking, which is now streaming on Netflix. There are mixed reactions from the netizens as far as the show goes with some loving it and others calling it 'full body mortification'. The show was trolled on Twitter.

The reality show is about a professional matchmaker Sima Taparia, who offers guidance on the marriage process in India and the USA. She also arranges matches and makes likely couples see each other.

The 'Desi Twitter' and 'Not so desi Twitter' have asked that how could Netflix give way to such a show. It is another fact that people cannot stop watching it because somewhere or the other most of us have gone through a similar process.

Indian Matchmaking gets badly trolled

One user wrote, "28 minutes into Indian Matchmaking and I am mortified. Full body mortification. Seven-lives worth of mortification. Arranged marriages are embarrassing/shameful to watch in real life, what was the point behind taking it to the reel..."

Set across Houston, Chicago, New Jersey, Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur and other locations, the eight-episode series is all about single people who now want to get married. Sima being the matchmaker is juggling between everyone's expectations and the reality.

Another Twitter user commented, "Wow Indian matchmaking is really a cesspool of casteism, colourism, sexism, classism and what is this matching kundlis and all. Are we in the 21st century??"

Among the people shown on the show, Nadia has managed a huge fan following. However, people are venting out their comments. A user wrote, "How the hell did #Netflix produce a program like #IndianMatchmaking? It is wrong on so many levels. Some of these things are appalling - sexism, classism. I, however, cannot stop watching it!"

With Nadia being everyone's favorite, Aparna, who is an independent lawyer and is a strong-headed woman, is the least favorite.

Being one of the most-watched shows right now, Indian Matchmaking has received bricks and bats from scores of people with a user stating, "This show on Netflix #IndianMatchmaking is so cringey. It's everything about Indian culture I hate and I'm so glad I stood up for myself to be with someone outside of that culture and who loves me FOR ME and not just cause I'm 'successful or pretty'."