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Fans and their obsession with celebs can often take an ugly turn. And something similar happened on Indian Idol 11 recently. While Neha Kakkar, who is one of the judges on the show, was interacting with a contestant, the man first showered her with gifts, showed her than he had a tattoo of her on his hands and kissed the singer.

Neha looked sad and shocked at the behaviour of this fan. Vishal Dadlani, who is the co-judge, lashed out at the man saying 'ye jyada ho gaya.' Now, host Aditya Narayan opened up about his reaction on the whole episode. Aditya told TOI, "It was shocking. You don't expect such an incident to happen. Our first reaction was to get him away from Neha Kakkar. I don't know if the makers have taken any action against him. As a host at that moment, I tried to safeguard Neha. What happens next is not in my hands."

Indian Idol 11 contestant kisses judge Neha Kakkar
Indian Idol 11 contestant kisses judge Neha KakkarScreenshot

While Vishal Dadlani said that he wanted to call the cops and get the man arrested, Aditya Narayan had a different take. "You can't really foresee these things. It's not a normal thing. Judges have come on stage a thousand times. I am sure he didn't mean it in an inappropriate way. I understand what it is to have fans who are obsessed. I know this man has a tattoo of Neha on his hands. So in some way, this man must have immense love for her. You kind of feel for them as well. But you need to make them aware of where to draw the line," he added.

Elaborating on Neha's reaction, Narayan had said, "Thankfully, there was nothing more than a peck on the cheek else I am sure there would have been dire consequences. I would say he is lucky on that matter." He also added that since Neha is a kind person she didn't take it in an inappropriate way. But they will be careful hence on as Neha is important to the show and is also one of the leading female singers of the country. "Any women, we have to be careful about everything and anything, he further added.

Vishal Dadlani Tweet
Image: @VishalDadlani/Twitter

Earlier, when fans trolled Vishal Dadlani for not taking a stand he took to Twitter and wrote, "I suggested that the Police be called, but Neha decided to let the guy off the hook. He definitely needs psychiatric help, and we will try to help him get that if we can."