UB city, Bengaluru
City Momentum Index' (CMI) 2018: Hyderabad, Bengaluru top short-term growth citiesWikimedia commons

India's tech hub Hyderabad and IT capital Bengaluru are at the top two positions in a list of 30 global short-term growth cities, published by property consultant firm James Lang Laselle (JLL).

Indian cities secured top ranks in the 'short-term momentum ranking' in JLL's latest annual global report titled City Momentum Index (CMI) 2018.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam bagged the third position in the list. Pune has been ranked at fourth, followed by Kolkata at the 5th position.

National capital Delhi is at the 8th position. Chennai (14th) and Mumbai (20th) are also featured in the Global Top 30.

The JLL report found that continued strong demand from technology, finance and pharmaceutical companies keeping take-up volumes buoyant and investor activity on an upward path has made Indian cities to spot on top ranks.

Population, connectivity, real estate investment, property prices, economic output, corporate activity, construction, retail sales were the key parameters for selecting the cities.

"India maintains its pre-eminence in the Short-Term Momentum rankings with four of the top five markets, as its cities register among the highest rates of demographic and economic growth globally, while also benefitting from government efforts to boost business attractiveness and invest in infrastructure", the JLL report said.

"While economic energy is propelling India's cities forward, they also exemplify some of the challenges facing markets with strong momentum, including strains on infrastructure and local amenities; high levels of inequality and affordability issues; and environmental degradation, which can all be compounded by a lack of planning oversight and transparency", JLL report said.

"In order to maintain their growth over the longer term, these cities will need to focus on future-proofing their markets through improved liveability and affordability, regulatory transparency and physical and technological infrastructure" the report added.